1.____ all behavior is learned behavior is a basic assumption of social scientists.

A) Nearly B) That nearly C) It is nearly D) When nearly

2. On cloudy nights it is not possible to see the stars with ____ eye.

A) naked B) bare C) flesh D) pure

3. During the storm we took ____ in the doorway of a shop.

A) rescue B) shelter C) shield D) proof

4. The ship’s captain and members of the ____welcomed us on board.

A) staff B) crew C) team D) chain

5. At the first ____ of twelve everyone stopped for lunch.

6. The map was drawn to the standard____ of 1/100,000 so there was not much detail.

A) base B) line C) rate D) scale

7. Her skirt had been so ____ in packing that she had to iron it before going out.

A) crushed B) torn C) dirty D) untidy

8. We are taking ____a collection to buy flowers for John because he is in the hospital.

A) to B) up C) over D) off

9. It’s not what she says that bothers me. It’s the reason she says it. You’ve got to read ____ the lines with her

A) among B) amongst C) between D) through

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