Unit10 You're supposed to shake hands.

Unit10 You’re supposed to shake hands.

【2d】 Role-play the conversation.

Katie: How was the welcome party for foreign students last night?

John: Great! I made some new friends. But a funny thing happened.

Katie: What?

John: I met a Japanese boy called Sato, and as soon as I held out my hand, he bowed. Katie: That’s how people in Japan are expected to greet each other. It’s impolite if you don’t bow.

John: I didn’t know that. So I just stood there with my hand out. Finally, I returned the bow. Katie: I remember when I first met Marie last year, I did the same thing. I held out my hand and to my surprise, she kissed me on both sides of my face!

John: I wouldn’t mind that!

Katie: Very funny. Later I found out French people are supposed to kiss when they see each other.

【3a】 Read the following opinions of a Colombian and a Swiss student. In which country is it OK to be 15 minutes late for dinner?

Teresa Lopez Cali, Colombia: Where I’m from, we’re pretty relaxed about time. We don’t like to rush around, so we don’t mind if people are a little late sometimes. If you tell a friend you’ re going to their house for dinner, it’s OK if you arrive a bit late. We like to enjoy our time slowly. We value the time we spend with our family and friends in our everyday lives. We often just drop by our friends’ homes if we have time. We don’t usually have to make plans to meet our friends. When we see each other, it’s polite for boys to shake hands and for girls to kiss each other on the side of the face. We often just walk around the town center, seeing as many of our friends as we can!

Marc LeBlanc Lausanne, Switzerland: In Switzerland, it’s very important to be on time. We’re the capital of clocks and watches, after all! If someone invites you to meet him or her at noon, then you’re expected to be there at noon. If you’re even 15 minutes late, your friend may get mad. So I make an effort to be on time when I meet my friends. I always leave the house early to avoid heavy traffic. I don’t mind because I think it’s impolite to keep others waiting. Also, we


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