The Monkey King

The Monkey King

All the animals are gathered in the forest. There is going to be a dance contest to pick the king.

Fox: Everyone gets a chance to dance. The best dancer will become

the king.

Rabbit: Who will be the judge?

Fox: All of us, of course. (We will pick the best dancer.)

Bear: That sounds interesting. (I hope I get picked.)

I want to become the king.

Rabbit: (Not a chance!) You’re a terrible dancer.

(I saw you dance before.) Forget it!

Bear: oh, yeah! Well, you’ll be surprised.

(I have been practicing.)

Rabbit: Okay. (We’ll see about that later.)

Fox: Quiet, ladies and gentlemen! Everybody ready?

Let’s start then. Mr. Duck, you go first. Go ahead. (Dance.) Duck: Okay. Let’s go!

Mr. Duck dances to the disco. He shakes his bottom from left to right. It looks so funny. All the animals laugh.

Rabbit: Look at Mr. Duck! Look at him dance! Oh, my, my…

Bear: What is he doing? It is so funny. I can’t help laughing. Ah ha


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