reading assignment 2


Part One

Write a one-page (A4) report about the following questions:

1. There have been several food safety scandals in China this year. What are they?

2. List some food safety scandals in other countries.

3. In these food safety scandals, who should be mainly responsible?

4. What do you think is necessary to be done?

5. What impresses you most while reading about the scandals? Part Two

Read the passage and answer the following questions. The Lost Factory Job

MANUFACTURING IS the problem child of the U.S. economy. Of the

3.1 million jobs lost since President Bush took office, 2.5 million have been in manufacturing. July was the 36th consecutive month that manufacturing jobs have fallen, the longest stretch since the Depression. But while the past several years have been particularly bad, with manufacturing jobs down 16 percent in three years, the trend lines have been bleak for years. In the mid-1960s,

manufacturing accounted for 30 percent of all jobs; now it's down to 11 percent. That's in part because production has moved overseas, where it can be done more cheaply, in part because of improved technology that's made it easier to create more goods with fewer

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