1. 监控事例的等待

select event,sum(decode(wait_Time,0,0,1)) "Prev",
sum(decode(wait_Time,0,1,0)) "Curr",count(*) "Tot"
from v$session_Wait
group by event order by 4;

2. 回滚段的争用情况

select name, waits, gets, waits/gets "Ratio"
from v$rollstat a, v$rollname b
where http://www.1mpi.comn = http://www.1mpi.comn;

3. 监控表空间的 I/O 比例

select df.tablespace_name name,df.file_name "file",f.phyrds pyr,
f.phyblkrd pbr,f.phywrts pyw, f.phyblkwrt pbw
from v$filestat f, dba_data_files df
where f.file# = df.file_id
order by df.tablespace_name;

4. 监控文件系统的 I/O 比例

select substr(a.file#,1,2) "#", substr(,1,30) "Name",
a.status, a.bytes, b.phyrds, b.phywrts
from v$datafile a, v$filestat b
where a.file# = b.file#;


select user_indexes.table_name, user_indexes.index_name,uniqueness, column_name
from user_ind_columns, user_indexes
where user_ind_columns.index_name = user_indexes.index_name
and user_ind_columns.table_name = user_indexes.table_name
order by user_indexes.table_type, user_indexes.table_name,
user_indexes.index_name, column_position;

6. 监控 SGA 的命中率

select a.value + b.value "logical_reads", c.value "phys_reads",
round(100 * ((a.value+b.value)-c.value) / (a.value+b.value)) "BUFFER HIT RATIO"
from v$sysstat a, v$sysstat b, v$sysstat c
where a.statistic# = 38 and b.statistic# = 39
and c.statistic# = 40;

7. 监控 SGA 中字典缓冲区的命中率

select parameter, gets,Getmisses , getmisses/(gets+getmisses)*100 "miss ratio",
(1-(sum(getmisses)/ (sum(gets)+sum(getmisses))))*100 "Hit ratio"
from v$rowcache
where gets+getmisses <>0
group by parameter, gets, getmisses;

8. 监控 SGA 中共享缓存区的命中率,应该小于1%

select sum(pins) "Total Pins", sum(reloads) "Total Reloads",
sum(reloads)/sum(pins) *100 libcache
from v$librarycache;

select sum(pinhits-reloads)/sum(pins) "hit radio",sum(reloads)/sum(pins) "reload percent"
from v$librarycache;

9. 显示所有数据库对象的类别和大小

select count(name) num_instances ,type ,sum(source_size) source_size ,
sum(parsed_size) parsed_size ,sum(code_size) code_size ,sum(error_size) error_size,
sum(source_size) +sum(parsed_size) +sum(code_size) +sum(error_size) size_required
from dba_object_size
group by type order by 2;

10. 监控 SGA 中重做日志缓存区的命中率,应该小于1%

SELECT name, gets, misses, immediate_gets, immediate_misses,
Decode(gets,0,0,misses/gets*100) ratio1,
immediate_misses/(immediate_gets+immediate_misses)*100) ratio2
FROM v$latch WHERE name IN ('redo allocation', 'redo copy');

11. 监控内存和硬盘

的排序比率,最好使它小于 .10,增加 sort_area_size

SELECT name, value FROM v$sysstat WHERE name IN ('sorts (memory)', 'sorts (disk)');

12. 监控当前数据库谁在运行什么